Ep. #43- Ethereum News: Classic Vs. Core, Exchanges Enable, Price Swings

Ep. #43- Ethereum News: Classic Vs. Core, Exchanges Enable, Price Swings


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Battle ensues, as Ethereum Classic arises out of the ashes of the fork to attempt to usurp Ethereum Core’s dominance as the leading Ethereum network. This is a …

업데이트 날짜 : 2016-07-24 21:52:06
Battle ensues, as Ethereum Classic arises out of the ashes of the fork to attempt to usurp Ethereum Core’s dominance as the leading Ethereum network. This is a …


  1. Ethereum eth is the only real crypto with value classic has no value from info I read. Unless the core developers support classic which none of them are supporting then it has no value over the long run cause they will continue to work only on making ethereum better. So classic has no value. THe majority voted for the fork the ones that didn't like it made classic but they don't have the brains to run it properly. Gl going against ethereum its no win situation. Its like betting on a sports team with a coach with clue. The fork will keep the hackers at bay from ethereum but they will be all over classic. Classic is going through what all new coins go through that huge pump and dump situation. You can look at pretty much all the coins they all tend to go through it. Vitalik Buterin even said hes 100% only supporting ethereum. I don't see any real evidence to invest in etc. I even went on ethereum coding forum and none of them are using classic to build apps. They are only using ethereum.

  2. Question: If you transfer Eth to your exchange from a wallet will it automatically be converted to classic?

  3. How is your ETH doing? Making any money on eth?

  4. Hey thanks for the video! really appreciate your input on this topic

  5. As much as I hate that the DAO people were taken advantage of by one or more selfish & opportunistic hackers, the hard fork was just stupid. How could the influential at the top of the Eth racket shoot themselves in the foot so badly, completely undermining confidence in this crypto by manipulating Eth like fiat currencies are manipulated by TPTB? Was "doing the right thing" possibly motivated by the fact that those steering the process wanting to recover their own stolen funds? I think probably so. You can't turn back the clock and monkey with the past without dire consequences. Any SciFi aficionado could have told you that…

  6. Can you update your eth?

  7. Any update on eth and ETC?

  8. The thing is, as in the hardcore bitcoiners' fight against Ethereum, Ethereum Classic can and should be allowed to branch off on its own. If their community is sufficiently small and software support stops eventually, they will all be forced to switch back to the HF Ethereum. What's there to gain but further divide a collective Ethereum community growing thin by the day? No 51% attack necessary. The Ethereum supporters will become laughing stock to the rest of the crypto world if the in-fights keep up!

  9. Just mentioned you in a Steemit post and as soon as I did the haters started hating.

  10. Ethereum "Clone". There is nothing "Classic" about it. It's like an evil twin we aborted. It'll always be a lifeless freak.

  11. Great videos man, thanks for doing these 🙂

  12. Ethereum classic is no longer more profitable to mine (when I last checked). People moving back to ethereum.

  13. All classic needs is a few Chinese whales now i guess!… Don't forget to invest a small amount in classic the price is very good at the moment… are you mining some classic yet? i started yesterday. are you sure its 2% the classic Network Hash Rate: 248.29 GH
    BTW are you sure you had double coins on poloniex?? I think when you sell your classic eth it gets deducted from your normal eth balance at the equivalent? and over here you got the ethereum stats https://ethstats.net/ right now it's showing Network Hashrate 4TH/s and eth classic is around 245GH/s right now. which = 6.13%

  14. HAHA you sell then research.. yea keep that up. ETH is going to find 'breach of contract' the code is the law.. They cheated their own rules. They definitely do not want the law after them.

  15. HAHA you sell then research.. yea keep that up

  16. Thanks for the post man. Appreciate it all. Going to check you steemit and like it too if you posted.

  17. I was thinking of getting 3 RX 480's with the aftermarket custom models coming in a week and getting into this finally. Now I don't know. A bunch a immature sore losers lost their vote so they pull some move like this? This is not a good community if you got these people dictating.

  18. My opinion is that it was done then become undone because it was possible to undo it and in the future it'll be harder to fork ETH ever again. ETC on the other hand.. That shit will be forked until it can no long be forked anymore.

  19. really enjoy your videos keep making more!!

  20. woooow cryptocurrency wars lets goo holy shit 😀

  21. Cast your vote now on the ETH/ETC controversy! http://www.strawpoll.me/10827374/r

  22. it's bitfinex, not bittrex

  23. Anyone who is keeping a lot of money in ETH right now is straight up gambling.

  24. And about the chiness attack on the 51. Attack why would they tell you if they want to do 51 attack? Just do it. Ps i like eth but dont like fork.

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